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The Rocky Mountain Center for Epilepsy, located in Boulder, Colorado, was founded by Dr. Afra Moenter; inspired by her vision to support individuals diagnosed with epilepsy and psychological non-epileptic seizures. Learn more about us and our mission.

There Is Hope

We offer individualized support and complementary treatment modalities focusing on the behavioral aspects underlying epileptic and psychological non-epileptic seizures. Learn more about how we can help you.
I'm always here to lift her up!

Living with Epilepsy and/or PNES

Understanding your diagnosis is an important step to creating the quality of life you desire. Learn more about causes, symptoms, and treatments for epilepsy and PNES.


“Happiness is a very powerful antiepileptic agent.”

Peter Fenwick, M.D.

No one medication, therapy, or treatment will work for most individuals diagnosed with a seizure disorder. We offer a biobehavioral approach to seizures including individualized support, guidance, and education to people diagnosed with epilepsy and/or PNES, their families, partners, and friends.

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