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The Rocky Mountain Center for Epilepsy, located in Boulder, Colorado, was founded by Dr. Afra Moenter; inspired by her vision to support individuals diagnosed with epilepsy and PNES. Learn more about us and our mission.

There Is Hope

We offer individualized support and complementary treatment modalities focusing on the bio-behavioral aspects underlying epilepsy and PNES. Learn more about how we can help you.

Living with Epilepsy and/or PNES

Understanding your diagnosis is an important step to creating the quality of life you desire. Learn more about causes, symptoms, and treatments for epilepsy and PNES.


“Happiness is a very powerful antiepileptic agent.”

Peter Fenwick, M.D.

No one medication, therapy, or treatment will work for most individuals diagnosed with a seizure disorder. We offer a biobehavioral approach to seizures including individualized support, guidance, and education to people diagnosed with epilepsy and/or PNES, their families, partners, and friends.

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