Acupuncture and Seizures

Acupuncture helps to restore the flow of Qi (life energy) throughout the body. Qi flows along pathways known as meridians and it is this energy force that is believed to play a role in the health and vitality of the body.

In an individual with epilepsy and/or PNES, the flow of Qi is often impeded, and through acupuncture those imbalances can be harmonized.  There have been numerous studies done proving the efficacy of acupuncture on seizure disorders.

The Rocky Mountain Center for Epilepsy collaborates with Elizabeth Astor – MSOM, L.Ac, Dipl. OM, CHom who, in addition to acupuncture, offers homeopathy, Chinese herbs, and oriental medical techniques to support individuals with seizure disorders.  Please learn more about Elizabeth here

Disclosure: Even though the Rocky Mountain Center for Epilepsy (RMCE) recommends Ms. Astor as a health care practitioner who is knowable in the field of epilepsy, she is an independent practitioner and the RMCE is neither involved with nor responsible for her clinical or business practices. Further, the RMCE is not affiliated or associated with Ms. Astor, and Ms. Astor is not affiliated or associated with the RMCE.