Functional Seizures

Non-epileptic seizures (NES), also called dissociative seizures or functional seizures are often part of FND. NES can be viewed as an expression of an over-activated nervous system. Dr. Moenter views NES as a “reset mechanism” preventing the prolonged overactivation of the nervous system which could potentially lead to more severe psycho-physiological damages. A typical feature of NES is involuntary movement that resembles epileptic seizures.

Those movements can be micro-movements (twitches, spasms, subtle shaking etc.) or macro-movements (visible large movements of the limps, head, upper or lower body) often with loss of consciousness. Some individuals have described still having self-awareness but not being able to react to the environment (responding to people asking questions, or protecting oneself from physical harm) while also not being able to self-regulate their nervous system enough to stop the seizure activity.

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