Myofascial Release

 “Without awareness, there is no choice.” John F. Barnes PT

How does Myofascial Release help?

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Receiving Myofascial Release (MFR) can allow you to deepen into the skills and tools you learn in psychotherapy for (P)NES with the leverage of different kinds of hands-on touch-based treatment, talk, and movement practices. In session we focus on the development of your internal resources and your relationship to the here and now which can mitigate symptoms related to (P)NES and FND. Inner resources that are developed in session include body awareness, alignment, restoration of motion, and pain reduction. You will be taught practices of self care that can allow you to enjoy more independence in your treatment and in your life. Your therapist will directly address the physical components of your symptoms as well as aspects of your central nervous system involved in your episodes.

You have a choice. The aim of MFR is to increase your ability to choose for yourself and to be empowered to take your symptoms and your health into your own hands.


What is the Fascial System?

Fascia is also called connective tissue. If you have heard of fascia it may have been described to you as the covering of your muscles. New research has shown that the fascial system is a lot more than that (Giumberteau , 2015). Rather, it is an interconnected web that surrounds not just every muscle, bone, organ, nerve, vein, and artery but also every single cell of your body. This is an artistic rendition of what it looks like:

The fascial web looks like a full body microscopic sweater or sponge. Sometimes this “sponge” gets dried out and/or stuck in some areas due to trauma, inflammation, and/or surgery. Those areas are called restrictions. Over time, these restrictions get tighter and dryer. Have you ever had a scar? Do you notice how the tissue in that area is harder and thicker than in other areas around it? Restrictions can loosely be thought of as scars on the inside. As restrictions tighten, they begin to pull the bones structure out of alignment and make it harder to move. Restrictions can also crush nerves, blood vessels, organs, your brain and spinal cord causing pain, lack of blood flow, and difficulties regulating your nervous system. A body with fascial restrictions looks like this:

Restrictions can put up to 2000lbs of pressure per square inch on the body causing pain and dysfunction. Restrictions do not show up on standard medical scans such as X-rays, CAT Scans, and MRIs.

What is Myofascial Release?

MFR is a safe and effective hands-on treatment. The therapist applies gentle sustained pressure on the skin into restricted areas for minutes at a time, as well as facilitates gentle therapeutic movement sequences. The reason that the pressure is sustained is to cause the “piezoelectric effect” which means pressure-electricity. The piezoelectric effect happens when a low load (gentle pressure) is applied to a viscoelastic material (fascia). Over time the fascia rehydrates and elongates freeing the structures in the affected areas. Doing so decreases your “allostatic load” which means it reduces stress on your body and therefore your mind. 

MFR therapists see each client as a unique individual. No two sessions look the same because you and your body are different everyday. Along with your one-on-one treatment sessions, you will be given tools so that you can perform MFR on your own body at home. You will come away knowing more about:

  • Proper body mechanics and movement
  • Self treatment techniques
  • Posture and movement awareness
  • How to improve your strength and flexibility

Are you ready to take the first step toward a seizure free life?

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